From the italian regional recipes we sampled the sauces that best represent the tradition of our country.
They are suitable for pasta and gnocchi

  • Amatriciana (with slightly fried bacon and onions)
  • Anatra (with duck)
  • Bolognese (with braised beef)
  • Carbonara (with bacon and eggs)
  • Norma (with tomato, aubergines and ricotta)
  • Panna & Funghi (with chopped mushrooms)
  • Pescatora (with a selection of fish and shellfish)
  • Pesto (with fresh basil, parmesan and pine nuts)
  • Pollo & Verdure (with chicken & vegetables)
  • Pomodoro e basilico (with fresh tomatoes and basil)
  • Quattro Formaggi (with a selection of typical Italian cheese)