The original Italian wrap weloveitaly is produced with extra virgin olive oil, without animal additives and therefore suitable for all the most refined palates.
Born in the heart of the Italian culinary tradition, it is a light, easy and versatile wrap that can be stuffed with various ingredients.
The piadina weloveitaly can easily be rolled up without cracking and consumed in our practical take-away pack.

Example of customizable menu
Classica (with ham, salad, tomato and cheese)
Vegetariana (with vegetables and cheese)
Rustica (with ham, salad and cheese)
Pepata (with salami, salad, tomato and cheese)
Saporita (with tuna, tomato, salad and cheese)
Boscaiola (with ham, mushrooms and cheese)
Sfiziosa (with ham, aubergines, salad and cheese)
Gustosa (with ham, tomato and cheese)
Speziata (with salami, pepper, mushrooms and cheese)